Habitat Ladders (2 , 2)

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Habitat Ladders (2 , 2)



Habitat Ladders are an accessory to the Forward Base Habitats, enabling you to make full use of your Habs. By providing access to the roof, a Habitat is now fully usable, and will not stunt the movement and deployment positioning of your models. Nothing is worse than realising that your snipers cant move down, midway through a game. These Ladders do not have to be glued to the Habs, they simply hook into the corners of the Habs circumference, and can be moved about each time the game is played, creating limitless amount of movement for your models.

A ‘Habitat Ladders’ pack consists of 2 Short Ladders (that can be placed on single habs to gain access to the roof), and 2 Long Ladders (which can be placed on a two Hab stack, allowing your units to get the top of the entire stacked Hab block). The Habitat Ladders are pristine prepainted MDF, so only need a small amount of assembly time to get them complete, as you do not need to paint them, just carefully peel the pristine paper off the MDF pieces before applying glue.

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