Order Organiser and Order Tokens

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Order Organiser – An Order Token organisation system, Designed For Infinity.



The Order Organiser, an order token organisation system, Designed For Infinity. Slide your order tokens up and down to represent spending orders, flip them over for unconcious models or remove them from the slot entirely for dead models. The Order Organiser is a great way to play infinity while keeping your order tokens correctly sorted. Never again will you confuse how many orders are in what group, and never again will you lose count of how many orders you have spent.

The Order Organiser comes with 20 Regular Order Tokens (Green), 6 Irregular Order Tokens (Yellow), 6 Impetuous Order Tokens, 5 Command Tokens and 2 Lieutenant Orders. Therefore, the Order Organiser is up to date with N3 Infinity rules (like Lieutenant L2 and Advanced Command etc.). The Order Organiser is also compatible with other tokens, provided they are 15mm wide and 3mm thick (such as Micro Arts Studio 15mm tokens).

The Order Organiser is made of 2mm and 3mm pre-painted MDF.

The Order Organiser requires 8 disc magnets that are 4mm wide and 2mm deep. Magnets not included.

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Weight 280 g
Dimensions 262 × 170 × 9 mm


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