Round Tables Set

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Round Table Set – Tables and chairs for fantasy gaming

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A set of round tables with accompanying chairs, suitable for fantasy wargaming.  Fits well with any 28mm fantasy or steampunk game, quite suitable for D&D. The tabletops are highly detailed with bottles, books and food strewn about them. The detail on top of the tables (bottle, books etc.) is moulded into the tabletop as a single piece.

Each product contains 6 large tables, 4 small tables, 18 large chairs and 18 small chairs. This set is made from unpainted resin.

The largest tables measure 40x40x25mm

Painted by Ginger Tim

Produced under licence from Hirst Arts

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Weight 100 g

1 review for Round Tables Set

  1. ultrauk (verified owner)

    Often my miniatures have a better life than I do lol and this is one of those occasions.Banquet for all your mates, check,enough to go around and if things get rowdy later, they are the perfect size to hide behind 🙂

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