‘Sun Tzu’ Measuring Device

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‘Sun Tzu’ Measuring Device – Designed For Infinity.



A measuring device, designed for use in Infinity The Game. This measuring device is 8″ long, 2″ wide at one end and 1″ wide at the other, allowing you to quickly and easily measure the 8″ zone of control, movement up to 8″ or other commonly used smaller ranges in Infinity.

The sides of the measuring device are carefully recessed with a curve, allowing you to place it against a model, and then move the model to the right number of inches, placing it back against the right notch further up the measuring device. In this way, you can ensure the correct movement and placement of a model, to the millimetre.

There is a 3mm x 3mm hole in one end of the Sun Tzu Measuring Device at a height of 40mm from the end, which allows for quick LOF checks to S2 models in Infinity.

The Sun Tzu Measuring Device is made from fluorescent green acrylic.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 203.2 × 50.8 × 3 mm


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