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“We Need your Help” – Spring Sale – £300 Prizes

Hi Everybody,

It’s been a tough year, deaths in the family, contracting COVID, the general “Pandemic Thing”, and Brexit…

Brexit has kicked a massive hole in our European sales, they’ve pretty much evaporated since January.   EU sales used to comprise around about 45% of our turnover…. we’ve lost 90% of that since Brexit and it’s really, really hurting us.

Business atm is exceptionally tough, especially with wargaming clubs and meets that have been almost totally absent for so very long and the general uncertainty due to the Pandemic.

But, maybe, there’s finally some light at the end of the Tunnel with Lockdowns coming off and countries slowly opening up again.

So we’re launching this Spring Sale with between 25% -50% off items in the store whilst stocks last and we need you folks, to help put the word out about the sale as much as possible.

Whilst the sale is on you will still be able to use other offers such as Discount Voucher codes and your Wilma Loyalty Points and if you haven’t already noticed we have changed our postal rates to make ordering easier and with much lower target values to get “Free Post” status on orders.

But wait! There’s more!

Everybody who places an order of £15.00 or over will get entered into a draw to win one of the following prizes for vouchers you can use on our store: 1 x £100.00 AW Voucher, 1x £50.00 AW Voucher, 2 x £25.00 AW Vouchers, 10 x £10.00 AW Vouchers. These Prizes will be drawn on the 7th June 2021.

So, we’re asking you to spread the word about our Sale, and letting people know that now is a great opportunity to get yourself some top-notch scenery at superb prices with low or free postage… And with a chance to win even more FREE stuff!

Jed. Ben, Nadine

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  1. Love your stuff. I usually buy at the local convention (Cancon in Australia)but that hasn’t been an option of late so have made a direct order. Hope this helps in some small way to get you through this difficult period.

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