Bulabok City Car – Driving (2)

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Bulabok City Car – Driving “Designed for Infinity”

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Bulabok City Cars in the driving position

Eco-Cars have been cornering the market on Urban Light Vehicles for some time and the “Bulabok”  (“Bubble Car”) is actually one of their larger vehicles as it is able to seat up to 3 people, albeit at a tight squeeze.

The defining element of the Bulabok is, of course, its ability to get into tiny parking spaces by raising its entire body over its wheels and have the wheel-base shrink as the two axles come closer together in the “parked” position.

A roomy (well, roomy by Eco-standards) car that is able to park in tiny spaces proved a sure-fire design and sales have reflected this. 

L: 49mm

W: 40mm

H: 35mm 

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Weight 136 g

1 review for Bulabok City Car – Driving (2)

  1. mmbierhof (verified owner)

    Got to love 1 piece resins with so much detail. The casts are fantastic and detail is terrific. Antenociti is by far the best shop to get resin sci-fi cars and these are no exception. Terrific additions to my city.

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