Grey Market (6)

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Grey Market (6)



Grey Market. Not quite illegal enough to be a black market, but definately not legitimate either. The Grey Market are a somewhat disorganised series of vendors that sell their wares to the citizens of the Undertown. These range from the sales of guns and knives to borderline suspicious food. Of course, not everything at the Grey Market is suspicious, there are more than a few standard vendors of vegetables and produce too. Grey Market is a set of 6 stalls for use Infinity. These are useful as scatter terrain or small buildings, providing partial cover to models.

The ‘Grey Market’ stalls are each comprised of pre-painted MDF (coloured brown and black), 2 highly detailed resin inserts for the stall counter-tops  and glossy photo-print signs. There are 6 unique stalls to a set, with each stall having its own unique photo-print sign and resin inserts, allowing each stall to carry its own theme.

NOTE! : The Grey Market no longer includes the clear cast resin lanterns that came with the set previously. The coloured awnings are a random colour and are typically a single colour, rather than a selection of colours.

Instructions for Grey Market can be found here

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 80 × 55 × 90 mm

3 reviews for Grey Market (6)

  1. jvvrhovac (verified owner)

    Easy to build but personally not a fan of pre-painted mdf. Bought them to try it out. Okay but still have to paint the resin pieces so the pre-painted mdf seems kind of pointless.

  2. mmbierhof (verified owner)

    Excellent stalls and easy to assemble. They are excellent small pieces for gaming and add a lot of visual clutter to the table, which fits in with that Cyberpunk look. The resin is cast really well.
    I have two small gripes with the set. One, I think there are too many weapon stalls (3) and that the weapons are a bit too extreme. I would have liked a stall with some pistols, sawn-offs, etc. That would fit the street theme better than sniper rifles I guess.
    And two, I would have liked to have clear acrylic instead of the plastic sheets. It’s a minor detail, but I’m just a sucker for clear acrylic.
    Oh…and maybe update the photos to stalls without the lanterns. It’s a bit confusing.

  3. mirjeki (verified owner)

    Brilliant scatter terrain to add some immersive cover to your board.

    The resin elements are highly detailed and look great when painted. It may seem daunting to paint them at first, but if you use a light primer and then some contrast paints you’ll find they look good with very little effort. The sharp details on the resin mean the contrast paints work really well.

    Putting together the actual stalls is easy, and the pre-painted wood-panelling effect looks really good. If you’re not bothered about painting the resin elements these would still work fine without them.

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