Happy Panda Noodles Mk. II

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Happy Panda Mk. II . A 28mm scale sci-fi noodle hut, Designed For Infinity.



Happy Panda Noodles is back! The all new and improved MK. II version of Happy Panda, updated with some of the newer features of buildings.

Happy Panda Mk II features an easier to remove roof with aircon unit, hinged MDF /acrylic doors, MDF/acrylic fridges with photo prints, card vents, and a floor! Simply put, the Happy Panda Noodles Mk II is , lighter, cheaper and more detailed than its predecessor. With no resin, the new ‘Panda’ just needs to be built and requires absolutely no painting. The Happy Panda keeps every good part of the old version, and added the newer parts that we have developed since the old one was released.

Ho Lee Fooks is comprised of pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic and pre-painted card. It measures 188 x 145 x 160mm.

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Weight 540 g
Dimensions 188 × 145 × 160 mm

3 reviews for Happy Panda Noodles Mk. II

  1. Jason Manning (verified owner)

    Thank goodness for excellent instructions. Brilliant detail. Great addition to my tabletop city.

  2. Gregory Cueto (verified owner)

    I have played in several tournaments, that used this piece of scenery. It is an excellent piece, that has become a staple on my home table

  3. Catlion (verified owner)

    Beautiful kit, excellent fit. It is so cute, it even meets the girlfriend’s approval. 😀 I painted the engraved areas in the kitchen and on the counter to give it more variety and clolour. However I would be nice if the freezers and sinks had more depth, like a few more layers of mdf, because thy look rather flat and more depth would have added to realism. On the other hand the freezer doors with the engraved panda are also super cute and there is much love for detail, so I can really recommend this kit.

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