Suburban Office 1

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Suburban Office 1, Designed For Infinity. A pre-painted MDF two-story building with balcony



Suburban Office 1, Designed For Infinity.

The Suburban Office 1 is a two-story pre-painted MDF building. This building features opening doors, balcony and desk on the lower floor. It is a small but fully functioning building and its pristine white finish certainly livens up a table. The Suburban Office 1 looks good paired with Data Trust.

The Suburban Office is made of pristine pre-painted MDF, acrylic and card. It measures 176mm x 173mm x 126mm.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 176 × 173 × 126 mm

4 reviews for Suburban Office 1

  1. ultrauk (verified owner)

    I try and buy at least one building a month for my post apoc life and something for my sci-fi gaming, well this was a no brainer and 2 story as well .Most buildings at this price are rarely 2 storey and never pre painted (cos im a lazy painter)
    delighted with this one and will get a couple more.

  2. awr29886 (verified owner)

    I love this whole line. I got everything on the kickstarter, and love how they all fit together to make a wonderful sci fi table.

  3. Jason Manning (verified owner)

    Good solid addition to the undertown table. Alot of building for the price.

  4. Roman (verified owner)

    Nice little building – got the upgrade pack for it too,

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