Ho Lee Fooks

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The Ho Lee Fooks restaraunt, Designed For Infinity. A perfect addition to an Urban/City table.



The Ho Lee Fooks restaraunt, Designed For Infinity.

Everyone loves Chinese food, and the citizens of Metro 378 are no different. Ho Lee Fooks provides a highly detailed two story building, completely fitted out as a themed micro-restaraunt, and is the perfect addition to a Urban/City table.

The front of the building features a wide double-door, reversed-etched windows,  fridges and vending machines, and a curved bar. The rear houses the kitchen , complete with fridges, kitchen worktop and TV. The upstairs of the building has detailed panels on every wall, a server and a wall safe. The roof is crenelated and provides partial cover, make it an advantageous sniping point. Access to the second floor is given by a removeable staircase to the rear, and access to the roof by a ladder from the second floor.

Ho Lee Fooks is comprised of pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic and highly-detailed resin.

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Weight 575 g
Dimensions 260 × 140 × 170 mm


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