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The Ho Lee Fooks restaraunt, Designed For Infinity. A perfect addition to an Urban/City table.



The Ho Lee Fooks restaraunt, Designed For Infinity.

Everyone loves Chinese food, and the citizens of Metro 378 are no different. Ho Lee Fooks provides a highly detailed two story building, completely fitted out as a themed micro-restaraunt, and is the perfect addition to a Urban/City table.

The front of the building features a wide double-door, reversed-etched windows,  fridges and vending machines, and a curved bar. The rear houses the kitchen , complete with fridges, kitchen worktop and TV. The upstairs of the building has detailed panels on every wall, a server and a wall safe. The roof is crenelated and provides partial cover, make it an advantageous sniping point. Access to the second floor is given by a removeable staircase to the rear, and access to the roof by a ladder from the second floor.

Ho Lee Fooks is comprised of pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic and highly-detailed resin.

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Weight 1050 g
Dimensions 260 × 140 × 170 mm

6 reviews for Ho Lee Fooks

  1. jim.canning.1989 (verified owner)

    Super detailed model, and looks lovely when finished. One of my favourite scenery pieces to put on the table, and its really easy to use in gaming as well. Worth taking your time on, but I absolutely loved it.

  2. Jason Manning (verified owner)

    Brilliant! I love this building, office is beautifully detailed. Highly recommended!

  3. ltrost1 (verified owner)

    The model was very well designed and looks great on the tabletop. Highly detailed and striking.

    Also, when I had questions about the order their customer service was top notch.

  4. awr29886 (verified owner)

    Love the design! Antenociti does a great job on interiors, and little details like the windows.

  5. nlanza (verified owner)

    Went together super easily, looks great on the table, and not having to paint it is really convenient.

  6. ultrauk (verified owner)

    When I had finished chuckling at the name , I jumped at the chance to add this building to my collection as it is very rare that non US or non European buildings pop up to add variety and of course reality to our gaming tables.You know its good gear its from AW and this is one of the best in the Undertown range.

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