Crapi Mechanics

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Crapi Mechanics



Crapi Mechanics. A car broken down due to poor maintenance or a bad repair job. The ‘Crapi Mechanics’ has a separate bonnet/hood piece with prop, allowing you to model the car with the ‘hood up’. The underneath the hood/bonnet is a fully detailed engine and accompanying mechanical things (radiator, etc.). This model is intended as a scatter scenery piece, and can be used to fill up roads or used as cover in a wargame. The ‘Crapi Mechanics’ is styled for a modern or real-world setting, and looks good in city or town boards.


Painted by Ben Jones

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 35 mm

1 review for Crapi Mechanics

  1. rasslin_russ (verified owner)

    Part of my first order with Antenociti (so this review may pop up on other products). Everything cast in great detail, scaled just right to primarily use with Mantic’s Walking Dead All Out War Game. While the products are great (and all over YouTube – get to painting!) the company has a great reputation so I wasn’t worried about placing an order from the US. My order was placed during a Black Friday Sale, taking roughly a week to fulfill and then less than a week to make it to me – I was expecting closer to a month so I was ecstatic. Am I happy? Let me just say I’ve been readying my next order ever since 🙂

    This is the perfect roadside obstacle for all those zombies 🙂

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