Modern Graffiti Decals – Set 1

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Modern Graffiti Decals – Set 1

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A5 sheet of Graffiti Decals designed to represent modern graffiti found in many cities across the world, featuring colourful and evocative art. These decals should work perfectly in a ‘modern’ or ‘near future’ setting.

There are approximately 60 decals on each sheet of various sizes from 7mm x 8mm to 30mm x 26mm.

Produced digitally on specialist decal paper, featuring pre-cut decals, no coatings are required and the decals are Opaque
(meaning that they have a base layer of colour that ensure solid colours show up from the decal regardless of the background they are applied on to).

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 212 × 145 × 1 mm


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