Neo-Tiki Office

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Neo-Tiki Office. A 28mm scale nano-office cubicle, Designed For Infinity. Made of pre-painted MDF and etched acrylic.



Welcome to the Neo Tiki Office,

“The two-story, six-roomed motel perfect for those who need to work or play away from home. Each room fitted with private workstations, secure encrypted Mayanet connectivity, in-room spore-showers and ablutions, sealable sleep-pods with in-built pollution-scrubbers and air-con.  24-hour on-site support from the Neo-Tiki office staff guarantees you a perfect stay that you will not want to terminate.”

The Neo-Tiki Office is designed to match the styling of the Suburban Offices and Data Trust as part of the “Midtown Corporate Entities” range.

The Neo-Tiki Office is small single-roomed building. It has a front entrance with sliding doors and a rear entrance with a swinging door, both of which can take an S2 silhouette figure through the doorway. A central desk gives partial cover to S2 silhouettes in from the centre of the building. The building is taller at the front, as the sign also gives partial cover to rooftop snipers. A massive two-storey high sign blocks Lines of Fire over the battlefield and is big enough to hide roof-top goers from one direction, and even TAG’s can be placed on the roof and hidden by the sign. The roof can be slid off with the sign still in place.

Will work seamlessly with other 25mm-32mm figures and game types.

The full Neo-Tiki Motel comprises three different products:
1) Neo-Tiki Motel.
2) Neo-Tiki Office
3) Neo-Tiki Upgrade-pack.

Note: (Large external sign comes with Neo-Tiki Office, two smaller signs come with the Upgrade Pack)

This product contains – 1) Neo-Tiki Office

The Neo-Tiki Office measures:
Length: 125mm
Height: 172mm
Width: 95mm

Made of pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic and pre-painted card.
(Note – pre-painted MDF requires a disposable layer of protective paper to be removed before assembly)

See AW blog for instructions.

Additional information

Weight 375 g
Dimensions 125 × 95 × 172 mm


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