Neo-Tiki – Upgrade Pack (Office and Motel)

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Neo-Tiki Upgrade Pack. An upgrade pack to improve the Neo-Tiki Motel and Neo-Tiki Office, adding interior detail and 2 external signs.



Neo Tiki Upgrade Pack,

“The two-story, six-roomed motel perfect for those who need to work or play away from home. Each room fitted with private workstations, secure encrypted Mayanet connectivity, in-room spore-showers and ablutions, sealable sleep-pods with in-built pollution-scrubbers and air-con.  24-hour on-site support from the Neo-Tiki office staff guarantees you a perfect stay that you will not want to terminate.”

The Neo-Tiki Upgrade Pack is designed to upgrade the Motel and Office together to match the internal styling of the Suburban Offices, as part of the “Midtown Corporate Entities” range.

The Neo-Tiki Upgrade Pack provides the Motel with internal walls, which have bed-pods, showers, computing stations and advertisement screens for every room. These internal walls do not interfere with the game-play experience of the building but increase the detail of the building and the immersion of the gaming table. Layered MDF, card and acrylic provide full detail to the walls, and create jutting computer screens from the walls. The Office is similarly upgraded, with advertisement screens, weather monitors and vending machines lining the walls, a payment screen and a computer terminal over the desk. Two external magnetisable signs are also provided to give rooftop cover to the Motel.

Will work seamlessly with other 25mm-32mm figures and game types.

The full Neo-Tiki Motel comprises three different products:
1) Neo-Tiki Motel.
2) Neo-Tiki Office
3) Neo-Tiki Upgrade-pack.

Note: (Large external sign comes with Neo-Tiki Office, two smaller signs come with the Upgrade Pack)

This product contains – 1) Neo-Tiki Upgrade Pack (will upgrade both the Motel and the Office)

Made of pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic and pre-painted card.
(Note – pre-painted MDF requires a disposable layer of protective paper to be removed before assembly)

See AW Blog for instructions.

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 295 × 220 × 2 mm


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