K-Rails (6)

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K-Rails (6)



K-Rails are the larger bigger brothers of the concrete Jersey Barriers that are ubiquitous to roads in North American and other western countries. These barriers provide realistic looking scatter terrain and roadway blocking items, allowing you to fill gaps in your gaming board and place cover into roads for ‘True Line of Sight’ style games.

Though these barriers have been designed to fit with modern, near future, and post-apocalyptic style games, their usefulness and utility allow it to be used in many other wargames. The K-Rails have approximate dimensions of 100mm x 15mm x 22mm, and should roughly come up to waist height on normal human equilivant 28mm gaming models.

The Jersey Barriers can then be placed end to end for a total of 60cm long.

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 100 × 15 × 22 mm


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