Suburban Office 2

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Suburban Office 2 – A sleek two-storey office building, Designed For Infinity



Suburban Office 2, Designed For Infinity.

Suburban Office 2 is two-storey pre-painted MDF building, designed to work with Infinity the Game. The building in ‘L’-shaped, with a little balcony upstairs that has separate access via a staircase, making these two individual businesses operating out the same office block.

Suburban Office 2 has all the nice features that make a nice functioning building: removable floors and removable roof, hinged doors that are big enough for an S2 to pass though, and enough ledges and windows that can be hidden under.

The ‘Suburban Office 2’ is a nice and sleek building with no interior, but add ‘Suburban Office 2 – Upgrade Pack’ to it, and suddenly the building is transformed with a highly detailed interior and signs for the outside. The downstairs workspace becomes ‘Lotus Fashion’, a clothing shop with changing rooms and a counter, and the upstairs workspace becomes ‘Red Oni Sake’ a shop selling sake and other alcohol, with walls lined with bottles and a centre desk console.

Suburban Office 2 measures 174mm x 171mm x 137mm and is made of pristine pre-painted MDF, reverse etched acrylic and pre-painted card.



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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 174 × 171 × 137 mm


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