Suburban Office 2 – Upgrade Pack

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Suburban Office 2 – Upgrade Pack

An upgrade kit to apply to Suburban Office 2, adding interior detail and signs for the exterior.



Suburban Office 2 – Upgrade Pack.

This upgrade pack adds interior detail and exterior signs to the Suburban Office 2. It transforms the downstairs office space into ‘Lotus Fashion’ a clothing company, and adding changing rooms, shelving and a counter to the downstairs. This adds a lot of flair and detail to the room. The Upgrade Pack also transforms the upstairs workspace into ‘Red Oni Sake’, a sake and alcohol shop, providing shelves of bottles and stacks of sake barrels, with a desk in the centre of the room.

The Upgrade Pack also provides two rectangular ‘Lotus Fashion’ signs and two circular ‘Red Oni Sake’ signs in which to add the the exterior, which livens it up from the outside. One of the circular ‘Red Oni Sake’ signs is removable.

The Suburban Office 2 – Upgrade Pack requires an already built Suburban Office 2.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 295 × 220 × 2 mm

1 review for Suburban Office 2 – Upgrade Pack

  1. florian.hanke (verified owner)

    Together with the already useful and great looking Suburban Office 2, this very fairly priced and superb upgrade pack is a must have, especially if your friends are Infinity terrain detail connoisseurs, as it adds a great number of details to the interior.

    The lower level contains Lotus Fashion, a clothes shop with Counter and two changing rooms, and the upper level is upgraded with the Red Oni, a sake bar. The exterior gets two nice ads, and cover for the rooftop.

    Very much recommended to get this pack when getting the suburban office 2.

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