Suburban Office 1 – Upgrade Pack

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Suburban Office 1 – Upgrade Pack. A way to add high detail to your Suburban Office 1. Designed For Infinity.



Suburban Office 1 – Upgrade Pack

This product adds interior detail and external signs to Suburban Office 1. It transforms the downstairs office into a travel agents, for booking holidays and travel to paradiso and other planets. This fills the room out with advertisment screens in the walls, a double sided computer on the desk, and a screen sliding out from the wall. This means that there is now somewhere extra to hide in the lower part of this building whilst also adding tonnes of detail to the wall and desk.

The upstairs becomes ‘Mnemonic Electronic’, a computer and electronics store. The walls are full of electronics advertisements and computers. And a desk is included in the centre of the room, with computers and a touchscreen sunken into the table itself. Again, lots of flashy high detail in the walls, and fills out the blank floor section with partial cover.

The Upgrade pack also provides 4 signs to place on the outside of the building, and a long strip advertisement/marquee that wraps around the balcony. The Upgrade Pack therefore adds a lot of life to the outside of the building.

Note: The Hanging Signs Set 1 and 2, will work on this building, even with the extra internal walls. This depends on your strength of magnets, obviously, but our testing shows that it still works for us.

Note: This Upgrade Pack require an already built Suburban Office 1 (formerly Urban Office) in order to place the upgrading parts.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 295 × 220 × 7 mm

1 review for Suburban Office 1 – Upgrade Pack

  1. Roman (verified owner)

    Really does add to the model, making it more ‘lived-in’.

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