Tavern Bedroom Set

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Tavern Bedroom Set – A set of fantasy beds, footlockers and shelving, designed for bedrooms in a tavern. 28mm scale unpainted resin.

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A set of fantasy scatter scenery designed to be used in bedrooms of a tavern. Fits well with any 28mm fantasy or steampunk game, quite suitable for D&D. This set contains beds, cupboards (empty and filled with small objects), footlockers and shelving covered with books. Perfect for creating one large dormitory or splitting them up into separate bedrooms. All pieces are highly detailed.

This set consists of 23 separate pieces and is made of unpainted resin.

The largest piece (a bed), measures 45mm x 25mm x 16mm.

Produced under licence by Hirst Arts.

Additional sculpting and design by Jed Norton

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Weight 165 g
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 16 mm


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