Tavern Kitchen Set

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Tavern Kitchen Set – A set of fantasy scatter scenery designed for a tavern kitchen. 28mm scale unpainted resin.

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A set of fantasy scenery scatter designed to represent the inside of a kitchen in a tavern. Fits well with any 28mm fantasy or steampunk game, quite suitable for D&D. This set has shelves full of bottles and jars, shelving units, cupboards, tables filled with food on plates and jars, storage crates, a small fire with a chimney, and an oven.

This set consists of 19 separate pieces, and is made of unpainted resin.

The largest pieces (oven), measures 63mm x 7mm x 51mm

Produced under licence by Hirst Arts.

Additional sculpting and design by Jed Norton

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Weight 125 g
Dimensions 38 × 16 × 70 mm


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