Tournament Tray

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Tournament Tray



The Tournament Tray is the perfect gaming aid for ITS tournaments and even friendly play. The Tournament Tray holds not only your Infinity army, but your tokens, templates, cards and rulebooks too. This means everything you need for gaming in Infinity can be moved with you as go from table to table at an ITS event. The first prototype Tournament Tray has been put through its paces at various ITS tournaments around the country for the past year and is still going strong.

The troop tray on top of the Tournament Tray is modular, allowing multiple layouts for your models. There are 15 slots just for 25mm based models, 3 ’roundels’ which are capable of holding either 4 x 25mm bases or 1 x 40mm base, and 6 modular slots capable of holding either a 25mm or a 40mm or a 55mm. Hence the Tournament Tray has multiple options so that it can accommodate practically any army used at an ITS event. If only used for 25mm based models (for an Ariadna army for instance), the Tournament Tray can hold 33 models. Or you could have 6 x 55mm based models, 3 x 40mm models and 15 x 25mm models etc etc. The Tournament Tray can handle all of this and more, and can handle each persons unique army. View the images to get a good idea of what the Tournament Tray is capable of.

Underneath the troop tray there are two compartments in which to house your wargaming paraphernalia. One of these compartments is capable of holding both the N3 rulebook and the HSN3 rulebook.

The second compartment contains a removable tray for your other bits and bobs. This holds a full deck of ITS classified cards, a card stand to place your chosen classifieds standing up, room for up to 6 D20s, a removable token tray for holding both 25mm and 15mm tokens and markers, and a generic holding compartment which is large enough to blast and teardrop templates in addition to other necessities. The token tray can even be removed from the Tournament Tray with all tokens still in place, in case there is not much room at the tournament to place all your things next to you. This little token tray can then be placed at the edge of the table or on top of building safety out the way. The small token tray is again modular with a second rack of 15mm token holder sitting on top. Therefore the user can place up to 88 x 25mm tokens and up to 72 x 15mm tokens depending on the users desired configuration.

The Tournament Tray is also reasonably stylish looking, and etched with images of Infinity units and quotes, featuring a large YoJimbo on the back of the Tournament Tray, and Kempetai and Asawira on the sides. The maximum exterior measurements of the Tournament Tray are 317mm x 228mm x 145mm.

To make your ITS gaming tournament smooth and easy-going. Pick up the Tournament Tray today.

NOTE: Foam required to go under the ITS classified deck is not supplied. The foam backing from an Infinity model blister will work well.

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