UK Garden Fencing

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A set of 28-35mm scale UK garden fencing made of unpainted MDF, featuring large and small fence panels, a gate, shed, swings, slide, tether tennis, and trampoline.

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A set of Garden Fencing typical of the sort commonly found in UK gardens.

108 cms of fencing in total, 4 pieces 18cm long, 4 pieces 6cm long and 2 pieces 6cm long with hinged gates in them.

The set also includes some Garden furniture, a Small Shed, a slide, a small trampoline, a set of swings and a “Swing-ball” stand.

This set allows you to make a rear garden for “Western Park House” or “Barbara’s House” (not out yet) as well as 3 rear-garden for the “London Terrace” buildings (not out yet) and so is very versatile.

It allows you to recreate a couple of the rear-gardens scenes from Shaun of the Dead if you so wish…

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Weight 550 g
Dimensions 195 × 188 × 47 mm


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