Zen Planters

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Zen Tables – Designed For Infinity



Zen Planters are an easy way to add waist height cover to your city board, especially if parts of the board have a Japanese or Asian theme. Each set of Zen Planters is made from 4 rectangular planters, 4 L-shape planters and 2 square planters. The planters are pre-painted, with a red and white finish, and are etched with various symbols and pictures related to Japanese culture. The Zen Planters also come with the sand, rocks, and greenery to create realistic looking miniature Japanese gardens, which allows you to make a great looking product by just adding glue, no painting is required.

The planters are all 21mm, which is enough to give partial cover to S2 silhouettes. They come in 3 different styles, but the longest sides of each planter is 65mm. Zen Planters are pre-painted and just require glue. 

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Weight 325 g
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 21 mm


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