Kobe Tables

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Kobe Tables – Designed For Infinity



Kobe Tables, Designed For Infinity. Kobe Tables helps bring your cityscape alive by adding realistic scenery to the battlefield. Fast food restaurants need somewhere for their customers to sit, and Kobe Kow is no exception. The table can provide partial cover for S2 models, and can be used with terrain rules (Low Vis Zone, Saturation Zones etc.) to spice up your gaming.

The Kobe Table are made of pre-painted MDF and photo-paper awnings, there for only requiring glue to build, and no need for painting.

There are 6 Kobe Tables to a set. Each Kobe Table measures approximately  61mm x 64mm x 60mm. 

Additional information

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 61 × 64 × 60 mm


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