Kobe Fencing

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Kobe Fencing – Designed For Infinity



Kobe Fencing is the perfect addition to your urban cityscape board. Designed in a Japanese/Asian style, Kobe Fencing is pre-painted MDF with a bright white and red colour scheme with black on the base.

Kobe Fencing is tall enough to cover most Infinity Silhouette types, allowing it to block large lines of sight across the battlefield. The Kobe Fencing is a set of 16 fencing panels and 4 gates. Each of thse pieces is 94mm wide, so end to end, the total length of Kobe Fencing is 1.88 meters (9’5″) long. Kobe Fencing can be used to contain an area of the battlfield to create an rectangular area of to encompass a number of objects (the Kobe Kow and accessories for instance), or spread about the battfield, blocking off lines of sight where needed.

A standard fencing panel measures 94mm x 12mm x 56mm. The total size of a gate panel is 134mm x 27mm x 85mm.

Kobe Fencing is a fully pre-painted pristine MDF kit, with no resin. Just peel of the paper and add glue to build this set.

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Weight 550 g
Dimensions 135 × 26 × 84 mm


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