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Apartments – an unpainted 28mm-35mm scale ‘Utility’ building for our Survival range.



‘Apartments’ are an unpainted 28-35mm scale MDF building for our ‘Utility’ Survival range. Styled as a set of apartments that could easily fit into a New York or city scene, this is a wide 2 floor building that should fit seamlessly with Brownstone and Oldtown buildings place next to it.

The Apartments are a detailed but unpainted building and have everything that a good MDF building needs, playable interiors, hinged doors, removable roof, separate floors, and an internal staircase. Apartments look best when placed between two Brownstone or Oldtown buildings.

Apartments are made of unpainted MDF and unpainted card, and measures 206mm x 180mm x 153mm.

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Weight 770 g
Dimensions 206 × 180 × 153 mm


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