Brewed Awakening (Strip Mall)

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Brewed Awakening – A 28mm scale coffee shop building, suitable for modern and zombie apocalypse wargaming.



Brewed Awakening is a modern coffee shop, one of our Strip Mall buildings. Fitting easily into a modern or zombie apocalypse gaming board, this 28mm scale building is packed with detail. The inside of the building is split into two separate rooms. The front has countertop for customers, a serving counter with a swinging hatch, coffee machines and cupboard filled with cups. The rear of the building, accessible by a door in the middle wall, features cupboards, a photocopier, a water dispenser and a small bathroom.

Brewed Awakening is designed with a weathered and slightly shabby looking interior. The building comes with two sets of acrylic doors and windows. One set has broken and smashed, and the other set is clean and unbroken, allowing you to tailor your building to how weathered you want it to look. There are also two sets of signs (a weathered and a clean one) and a set of zombie attack related signs to place how you like around the inside or outside of the building. The building also has an easily removable roof, as you can slide it off the back of the building.

This is one of our ‘Strip Mall’ buildings, and as such, can be used by itself, or can be placed next to another Strip Mall building to create a stretch of similar-looking buildings. These buildings are made of both weathered and pristine MDF, reverse-etched acrylic and photo prints.


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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 207 × 110 × 83 mm


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