Metro Police Station

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Metro Police Station



Metro Police Station. The only thing keeping the Metro 378 district from erupting into chaos. A typical police station in Undertown, this building has, an long L-shaped ground floor, a second floor with cells for prisoners, and a lift/elevator for getting to the helipad on the roof. As a police station, this building has many internal doors, with two bulked up doors around each exit, and office doors in between. This turns the Metro Police Station into a stronghold, forcing opponents to use many orders to get to you.

Metro Police Station follows the design features and style set out in the Undertown Kickstarter. This includes a flat roof without a cover giving lip, walls that don’t have buttresses, windows that can be covered, hinged doors that can open and close, and internal walls and scenery. The Metro Police Station has hinged double door on the front with reverse etches, cells on the upper floor with red security doors, and a lift/elevator to take models from the ground floor onto the roof.

Metro Police Station is a complete kit with pre-painted MDF, and three colours of acrylic. The MDF follows a grey and cyan colour scheme, with grey on the walls, and cyan on some of the door and window frames.

Instructions for Metro Police Station can be found here :

Approximate Size :

  • Length : 300mm
  • Width : 235mm
  • Height : 245mm

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Additional information

Weight 1170 g
Dimensions 300 × 235 × 245 mm

1 review for Metro Police Station

  1. mirjeki (verified owner)

    My favourite building of the Undertown range. It’s got loads of interior areas and lots of cool narrative details. If you’re into RPGs such as Cyberpunk RED you could set an entire adventure in and around this building.

    As with all of AW’s MDF sets, it has masking tape over all of it, meaning that you can easily add some extra detail if you strategically leave bits of the tape on. The helipad for instance really pops if you colour in the arrow & ‘X’ outlines in some colour (I chose white outline for the X, black outline for the arrows). Also the hazard stripes on the roof benefit from the same treatment.

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