Oldtown House 2

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An unpainted MDF Oldtown apartment building, with a small brickwork pattern. Suitable for 28mm scale zombie apocalypse and modern wargaming.

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An unpainted MDF Oldtown house or apartment building, similar to New York apartments. Great for use with 28mm scale zombie apocalypse and modern wargaming.

Oldtown buildings have a smaller brick size on the front walls than Brownstone buildings. The front door on Oldtownn House 2 is on the right-hand side of the building.

Can be put side-by-side with our other Brownstone and Oldtown building to create a street or row of buildings. This building features hinged doors, separate and removable floors/roof, a hinged roof hatch, fire escapes with removable ladders, and has playable room inside the building. This building is highly detailed and just requires you to paint it.

This building is part of our Utility range of unpainted MDF and card models, and measures 219mm x 130mm 213mm in size, when built.


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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 219 × 130 × 213 mm


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