Brownstone/Oldtown Balcony Add-On

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The upgrade add-on kit for the Brownstown or Oldtown buildings. A 28mm scale unpainted MDF kit, requires a Brownstown 1 or 2, or an Oldtown 1 or 2.

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The Brownstone/Oldtown Balcony Add-On is an optional extra that is compatible with Brownstone 1, Brownstone 2, Oldtown 1, and Oldtown 2 buildings. This kit provides different front walls so that it can be built in either the Brownstone style (larger bricks on the front face) or in the Oldtown style (smaller bricks on the front face). Just pick with front wall type you need to match your building and build the Balcony Add-On.

The Balcony can either replace the roof of a Brownstone/Oldtown building (giving you a 4 storey building) or replace the top floor and roof of a Brownstone/Oldtown building (giving you a 3 storey building), allowing you to have flexible heights in your row of buildings.

The Balcony has hinged double doors at the front, a hinged hatch on its floor (allowing access from below), and a hinged hatch on its roof (allowing access to the very top of the building).

This add-on building is part of our Utility range of unpainted MDF and card models, and measures 159mm x 123mm 79mm in size, when built.


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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 159 × 123 × 79 mm


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