The Duke Of Albany – Winchester Upgrade Pack

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The Upgrade Pack for ‘The Duke of Albany’ pub, adding internal and extra scenery and etched windows.



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The upgrade pack for ‘The Duke Of Albany’, this set adds external and internal scenery to the pub, as well as etched windows.

The outside of the building gets added detail in the form of two extra pieces of pavement and a classic British red phone booth. These allow you to widen the footpath outside the pub and adds a small but good looking piece of scatter terrain anywhere you like around the building.

The interior of the ground floor gets upgraded with a lot of internal scatter terrain, featuring some key elements that film fans will recognise… the “family table”, the jukebox, a pool table, a fruit machine and a dartboard. These items are placed around the edges of the room with the pool table in the middle, allowing a model to get cover from almost any angle on the inside of the building if angled right. Crucially though, these add some theme and detail to the inside of the building, and once painted will add a lot of flavour to the ground floor.

Lastly, the upgrade pack also includes reverse-etched acrylic windows, adding some text and ‘Winchester’ logos to the pub, making it seem that much more real.

The Duke of Albany – Winchester Upgrade Pack is made of unpainted MDF and reverse-etched acrylic.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 220 × 295 × 3 mm


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