The Duke Of Albany

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28mm MDF “Duke of Albany” pub from London that was used as the basis for the “Winchester Tavern” in “Shaun of the Dead”.



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The Duke of Albany is a London pub made famous as the exterior of the local boozer for the eponymous “Shaun” in the film “Shaun of the Dead”.

Located at 39 Monson Road at Barlborough Street, SE14, since filming, the pub closed down and has been remodeled and converted into flats.

To keep the building down to a reasonable size and cost it has been slightly remodeled to reduce size without affecting the overall look and feel and the kit includes an alternate “Winchester Tavern” set of signs as well as its original “Duke of Albany” moniker.

Even with its reduced size, it remains a substantial building measuring 180 long x 207 wide x  210mm tall.
There is a ground floor, first floor, second floor, and rooftop, all removable, with internal stairways and hinged doors.  It is a mid-difficulty build with a lot fo parts but results in a fantastic building that anybody who is a fan of London Pubs (and zombie movies) will recognise and love.

For fans of the film, there is also an “Upgrade Pack” that includes furniture, windows and streetside additions to make the iconic extras such as the “family table”, jukebox, pool table, “one-arm bandit machine”, telephone box and so forth, as well as some pub windows paying homage to the in-film pub name.

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Dimensions 180 × 207 × 210 mm


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