Black Prince Super-Heavy Tank

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Black Prince Super-Heavy “Crawler” tank, forming part of the “United Kingdoms” faction in our Governance Of Technology series, suitable for 28mm – 32mm tabletop gaming.

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The Black Prince is a Super-Heavy Tank and is the first vehicle of the UKS (United Kingdoms) Faction in our “Governance Of Technology” universe.

Known as a “Crawler Tank” it is the largest AFV for this faction which will ultimately consist of around 23 vehicles.

It is a highly detailed resin model, made up of 11 separate parts.

199mm x 126mm x 59mm (excluding gun barrel).

Based on an original design by Stephane Chasseloup, 3D modelling by Jed Norton.


NOTE: Sized for 28mm – 32mm miniature figures.

Availability: Currently available in quantities of maximum 5 per week

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Weight 850 g
Dimensions 199 × 126 × 59 mm

1 review for Black Prince Super-Heavy Tank

  1. Catlion (verified owner)

    This kit is every bit as wunderful as it looks like in the pictures. Casting quality is amazing and it’s huge. What I wrote on Antenociti’s Facebook page after building it:
    “Black Prince assembled. First time I feel I have small hands 😀 Cleaned it up yesterday, very little flash and some remnants of the resin inlets. The only thing that took a bit of work was the underside of the turret, which is a bit uneven and the peg is too long and has to be filed down. A bath afterwards for all the parts and today assembly. HMG is pinned and turnable, and the missile launchers are just plugged in without glue, to be removed for painting. Everything fits snugly.
    One important thing I hadn’t known before was that not all the treads are the same, but they are slightly different and come in two pairs. Look at the top where they are attached to the main body of the tank. There is a panel which is complete in the front and slightly “cut” in the rear.”

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