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Avalon Tri-Ad (Small) Assembly Guide and Instructions

The Avalon Tri-Ad (small) is a multi-part kit containing pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic, highly-detailed resin parts and photo-quality screen print images. The MDF parts are unframed, so all is needed is to apply glue (sparingly).

Step 1

To begin with, take the base and match the numbers with the side pieces, the line across the piece should be at the bottom.

Step 1


Step 2

Place all the side pieces in the base, using a small amount of glue at the base of each piece to hold them in.


Step 3

Place the triangular lid to this tower on, aligning it so that the numbers match up. Secure this piece with a small amount of glue. This piece is show in white in the image below to make it easier to see in this step, but this piece is actually black.

Step 4

At this point you will want to glue the screen prints to the tower. Cut them out from the provided A4 photo paper, and carefully glue them whichever side you like, making sure the bottom edge is aligned to the horizontal line across the black side pieces.

Step 5

Now slide the acrylic rods down the sides of the tower, into the square holes in the base. The rods will have a tight fit, so be careful, and do not force too hard and damage any pieces. The rods will have to be separated from the frame by using a knife. Do not glue these rods in!

Step 6

Glue the black capper to the roof of the tower, making sure the acrylic rods fit into the square holes in the piece, making sure the numbers align. Make sure the text on this piece is on the underside, so the text cannot be seen once the piece is in place. This piece has the word ‘UNDERSIDE’ cut into it, to remind you to correctly place it. Be careful with the use of glue, and do not get glue near the acrylic rods.

Step 7

Place the acrylic capper over the top of the tower. The acrylic is reverse-etched. Make sure the correct face is pointing upwards! The text needs to be readable from above. Do not glue this piece down! Glueing this piece will ruin the effect of the etched acrylic.

Step 8

Cut the ‘U’ shaped black piece from the small frame they are on. Slide these pieces into the notches on the acrylic capper, securing the capper to the top of the tower, with the larger part to the ‘U’-shaped piece hanging down. These pieces should have a tight fit, but tiny amount of glue can be added to the underside of these if the fit is not tight enough, joining these black ‘U’ shapes to the black triangle capper underneath. Be careful not to get glue on the acrylic pieces, as this will ruin the look of the acrylic!

Step 9 – Final Step

Glue the resin benches to the base of the tower, covering the exposed black sides of the tower. You will want to paint the benches before attaching them. Make sure to space the benches evenly across the base of the tower. Your Avalon Tri-Ad (small) is now complete. You will need to repeat these steps for each Tri-Ad (small).