A-Z Mart (Pristine)

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A-Z Mart (Pristine) – For Modern and Zombie Apocalypse type games.



The A-Z Mart is a pristine, pre-painted MDF scale model building, designed to represent a convenience store or petrol mini-mart. The A-Z Mart is greatly suited to a ‘modern’ wargame, or zombie apocalypse (if played not long after an outbreak).

This building features a highly detailed interior, including stocked shelves, stocked fridges, and a waist height counter. The inside is playable, allowing for the passage of 25mm based figures around the shelves. This can lead to some very interesting firefights between shelves, depending on the wargame played.

The roof of this building has been etched with small circles, showing where the best places for LED lighting would be. If you are planning on lighting the inside, simply drill into these 5mm circles to place your LEDs. If you do not wish to use LED lighting, simply cover the etched circles with the little square vents that come with the kit.

The A-Z Mart measures roughly 260mm x 170mm x 85mm. It is made of pristine pre-painted MDF, acrylic and a single resin aircon unit.

(Note that this is a ‘pristine’ item, meaning that all MDF is covered with a protective coating before cutting, and this coating will need to be peeled off before assembling to reveal the vibrant paint underneath.)

This is a pre-order item, and will be sent after 12/11/18.

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Weight 530 g
Dimensions 260 × 170 × 85 mm

2 reviews for A-Z Mart (Pristine)

  1. awr29886 (verified owner)

    Love this one. The interior detail is on point. Great even for infinity!

  2. Catlion (verified owner)

    This is a great kit as usual. All the parts fit excellently and there are lots of photoprints included for all the good in the shelves and freezers. There are also lots of acrylic parts for the windows and freezer doors. On the negative side the freezers are pretty “flat” and would look better if they were a bit deeper IMHO, but that would of course take away room to move inside the building. Also there is no “handle” on top of the roof (there is usually an aircon unit for that), which makes lifting it more fiddly than with other kits, but this can be easily changed by gluing something onto the roof, maybe an advertising sign or something similar. All in all, fun to build and useful in any modern/zombie/near future setting.

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