Aircon Units (12)

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Aircon Units – For adding scatter terrain to rooftops and walls. Made from pre-painted MDF and card.



2 pieces of 3 designs of Air-Con Unit, braced internally with 2mm black MDF for rigidity.

Ever need more scatter terrain (or even appropriate scatter terrain) on top of a modern building or on a wall? We then, ‘Aircon Units’ is for you!

Made from pre-painted MDF and card, Aircon Units provide the perfect way to add a functional yet stylish cover to the rooftop. This set contains 4 tall Aircon and 4 small Aircon for roofs, as well as 4 Aircon for walls. Along with this, there is a large selection of ducting that can be added to give even more appropriate detail to the rooftop.

This product is ‘weathered’, meaning it is cut without protecting the MDF and card, allowing dirt to mark the surface naturally from the laser. Should you wish to lessen the effect, or even remove all of the weathering, using a baby wipe to gently and carefully wipe the surface is all you need to do.

This set is made from prepainted MDF and prepainted card.

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 220 × 215 × 5 mm

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  1. awr29886 (verified owner)

    I really like little details like these. They help bring your board to life!

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