A-Z Mart (Utility)

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A-Z Mart (Utility), is an unpainted MDF building, 28mm scale.



The A-Z Mart (Utility) is the unpainted ‘Utility’ version of the A-Z Mart found in the Premium MDF section.
It is a convenience store, complete with shelves, fridges, and countertops.
The building also has gaming features such as hinged doors and a removable roof.

The A-Z Mart (Utility) is a 28mm scale building suitable for use with zombie apocalypse and modern wargaming.

The A-Z Mart measures roughly 260mm x 170mm x 85mm and is made of unpainted MDF (2mm and 3mm).


Additional information

Weight 625 g
Dimensions 260 × 170 × 85 mm


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