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Cyber Limo. A Cyberpunk themed limousine, designed for 28mm scale wargaming.

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Cyber Limo.

A Cyberpunk themed limousine, designed for 28mm scale wargaming and ideal for all of those VIP/MVPs.
Comes with separate wing-mirrors and wheels.

Our Cyberpunk range of vehicles is designed to represent low-cost vehicles, likely 3D printed in the local region with various levels of quality as “distributed engineering”.
We’ve therefore deliberately kept them somewhat angular and, except in special cases such as the sports cars, left surfaces faceted to achieve the right look for something that is functional but not as “sleek” as mass-produced machinery. (A later series of the same vehicles will include “home-made modifications” to their surfaces, including solar panels, Mr Fusion Reactors and similar mods.)

Original Designs by Rensfox, Allexey3D, CGPitbull and KDJ, converted for 3D print and physical models by Antenociti.
Please Note: This is a physical resin model, it does not include any electronic files.
Figures by AW, Corvus Belli and Heresy, shown for illustration only.


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Weight 195 g
Dimensions 128 × 75 × 35 mm

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  1. ultrauk (verified owner)

    Close protection of your primary asset has never been easier inside the Cyber Limo 2020, a state of the art tank that looks remarkably like a large heavy stylish limousine . Bullet proof glass and generous armoured panels compliment the stay upright tyres allowing you to endure most incoming fire and escape the danger zone.

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