HunchBack MKI APC – Plasma Variant

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Hunchback APC MkI – Plasma

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The Hunchback APC MkI was originally used for carrying a squad of 8 but with the ever growing bulk of combat armour its effective carry capacity has dwindled so that it is now regarded as being able to carry 4 armoured troopers.

Whilst it is being re-designed into a larger format with slightly changed features in the MkII version, its reliability and superb protection against mines and IEDs makes it remain a  favourite of the troops even if it can become cramped internally.  

The Plasma turret variant provides troops with a short-range but lethal weapon against anything other than armoured opposition, although even with the ejectable cooling-rods the weapon is still prone to voer-heating if fired for lengthy periods of time.

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Figure by Heresy Miniatures (not included)
Painted by David Woods 
Design Jed Norton
Reproduced with permission from Orignal Artwork by Nick Constantine

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Weight 285 g
Dimensions 140 × 60 × 80 mm


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