Isuzu Technical

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Isuzu Technical



In Africa and the Middle East, 4×4’s and pickup trucks are often used by armies and paramilitaries in place of tanks and military-specific vehicles. These ‘Technicals’ are often upgraded with larger weapons, .50 calibers and recoilless rifles, allowing them to cross deserts and rough ground quickly, whilst bringing a surprising amount of firepower. The Technicals are usually loaded with supplies, water tanks and other stowage, allowing them to keep these forces marching.

This ‘Isuzu Technical’ is loaded with a M40 recoilless rifle, an imposing sight for such a standard car.

M40 recoilless Rifle is multi-part – stand height can be adjusted to suit.

This model measures 120mm x 40mm x 55mm, and is made of resin, supplied unpainted and unassembled. 

Approximately 1/48th scale.


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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 55 mm


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