“Kirkman-High” Apocalypse Battlebus

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Kirkman High Apocalypse Battlebus – A 28-32mm scale US school bus converted into a post-apocalyptic escape vehicle.

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The Kirkman High Apocalypse Battlebus, a 28-32 mm American school bus converted into a post-apocalyptic zombie-fighting or escape vehicle.

Complete with cowcatcher, machine gun emplacement, armoured windows and bedecked with supplies, tools and belongings.

The Kirkman High Apocalypse Battlebus is great for zombie, modern and post-apocalyptic gaming.

Designed by Jed Norton

Approximate Dimensions

Length: 245mm

Width : 70mm

Height: 90mm

Additional information

Weight 795 g
Dimensions 245 × 70 × 90 mm

1 review for “Kirkman-High” Apocalypse Battlebus

  1. ultrauk (verified owner)

    I wanted to give this a rating of more than 5 but hey ho ! To adapt a phrase ” We’re gonna need a bigger bus” this is a moonster of a cast and the detail on it is unreal ,this hero sized and equipped behemoth is going to be the centre of your groups travel for some time as you just wont get sick of ploughing it into the nearest horde of wandering corpses 🙂

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