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T-Wall. 8 sections of T-Wall sections, made of highly detailed resin. Made for modern and zombie apocalypse games.



T-Wall. A set of 8 resin ‘T-Wall’ sections. The concrete T-Walling is commonly used by the military to stop movement of vehicles, providing impromptu defence of a road or area, as a counter-insurgency measure. T-Wall is intended for use with modern or zombie apocalypse games.

The shape of the T-Walling allows is to mesh together into one continuous wall, or placed in separate sections. T-Walling is made of highly detailed resin.  Each T-Wall section measures 26mm x 18mm x 62mm.

Unpainted pressure-cast resin, decals not included.

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 62 mm


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