Tiny Traders

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Tiny Traders – 3 small sci-fi buildings at 28mm scale, Designed For Infinity.



Every city needs a few small kiosks and market stalls, and Tiny Traders are just that. There’s Wiggly Derms: a marijuana dispensary and paraphernalia stall, Mnemonic Electronics: a bio-mod and cybernetics upgrade stalls, and Double Taps: a firearms and guns stall. Each with their own colour scheme.

Each Tiny Trader stall has its own countertop with relevant items and high colour sign at the front. They also all have unique hinged reverse-etched doors and unique rear window designs. The roof is easily removable and slides off from the back, but protrudes enough at the front to create an awning that a 25mm based model can stand on. There’s a cigarette machine one of the short walls.

The sign of each Tiny Trader is designed to give a different amount of cover and a different challenge. Mnemonic Electronics give waist height cover all across the top of the building, Wiggle Derms has waist-height on one side and enough room for an S2 to hide behind on the other side, Double Taps has a tall sign that a model can only just shoot over on one side.

The biggest Tiny Trader measures 103mm x 113mm x 109mm. Tiny Traders are made of pre-painted MDF, card and reverse-etched acrylic.

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Weight 575 g
Dimensions 103 × 113 × 109 mm


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