Marrua Motors

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Marrua Motors. A pre-painted 28mm scale motorbike dealership.



Marrua Motors, for all your small car and motorbike needs. This a large unique building that is certain to dominate the gaming table.

Marrua Motors has a ‘glass and steel’ aesthetic, featuring 3 clear glass pods for displaying cars and motorbikes, surrounding a hexagonal inner chamber. Each glass pod has a curved roof and an angled removable front panel. Inside each pod is an angled plinth for displaying a small vehicle. Red acrylic bike silhouettes are also included to place in the glass pod if you do not wish to use resin vehicles.

The middle chamber contains a desk with 3 computer screens, in the centre. It has access to the glass pods on 3 sides, and sliding doors to the outside on alternate sides. There is a giant red acrylic sign on the roof, which enables it to be used as a way to take the roof off. A patio area is also provided to designate the front of the building, complete with a table and a sign in a small pond.

Marrua Motors is a 28mm scale building, Designed For Infinity. It is made from pre-painted MDF, pre-painted card, and clear acrylic.

Vehicles that can be placed in the glass pods: Kuripots, Pangits, Anomala Cars, City Car Driving, Tucuxi Race Wheel.


  • Length: 393mm
  • Width: 393mm
  • Height: 176mm

Additional information

Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 393 × 393 × 176 mm


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