Zombie Decals – Set 2

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Zombie Decals – Set 2

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Zombie Decals Set 2

A set of ‘Warning’,’Quarantine’, ‘Extraction Point’ and ‘Safe Point’ signs in decal form, allowing the player to create a narrative of a Zombie Apocalypse and outbreak type scenario. Adding these decals to the walls of buildings or on top of existing signs will provide lots of character to the gaming table and scenery.

Produced digitally on specialist decal paper, featuring pre-cut decals, no coatings are required and the decals are Opaque
(meaning that they have a base layer of colour that ensure solid colours show up from the decal regardless of the background they are applied on to).

Over 50 Decals per A5 Sheet

Images sourced from various stock material with permission (You may have seen some of these images used elsewhere).

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 212 × 145 × 1 mm


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