Zombie Graffiti Decals

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Zombie Graffiti Decals

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Zombie Graffiti Decals

A set of decals to give the appearance of graffiti that may be visible during a zombie apocalypse or zombie outbreak. This includes warnings (such as ‘Stay Away’ , ‘Do Not Open’, ‘Zombies Inside’ etc.), religious or repenting wording (‘Gods Punishment’, ‘The End Is Nigh’, Repent!’ etc.), some blood splatters and blood streaks, and others. Can be used to detail up your gaming board, and give it that nice zombie theme.

Produced digitally on specialist decal paper, featuring pre-cut decals, no coatings are required and the decals are Opaque
(meaning that they have a base layer of colour that ensure solid colours show up from the decal regardless of the background they are applied on to).

Over 50 Decals per A5 Sheet

Images sourced from various stock material with permission (You may have seen some of these images used elsewhere).

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 212 × 145 × 1 mm

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  1. ultrauk (verified owner)

    I love decals, it takes so little effort and like say dry brushing it really lifts what your working on with regular great quality consistency.

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