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Order Organiser – Instructions

General notes:

1) The MDF Parts for this kit are covered with a protective paper layer on both sides of the MDF, to protect from scorch marks and dirt from the lasering process. You will need to remove the paper by gently peeling it from the corners. Make sure you do this before glueing any parts together.

2) MDF parts are usually held in the frame by small lugs of MDF, roughly 0.5mm-1mm wide. If your parts are in a frame, parts should be CUT from the frame, from the reverse side, using a strong knife (we recommend the “Olfa L-1 Heavy Duty”)
Do NOT push parts from the frame using your fingers as this may result in damage to the part.

3) We recommend dry-fitting parts before assembly – this usually highlights either missing parts, wrong parts and/or difficult/tricky elements before glueing and ultimately saves time and making mistakes.

4)For glue, we recommend Deluxe Materials Super-Phatic, alternatively a good aliphatic resin (yellow wood glue) or a strong PVA, and also Deluxe Materials Tacky-Glue.

5) Don’t forget to remove the backing paper from your MDF if it is present!

6) Have a pack of baby wipes on hand to keep your fingers clean – that way you will not get dirty fingerprints on the pre-painted MDF and you can use them to remove laser scorch marks also!.